Sunday, 6 November 2011


wow, my last post was more prophetic than i'd expected. I promised to write a next column talking about how to manage sticky labels and then i didn't get around to it. not so much because i'm lazy, more because i put pressure on myself to be funny, eloquent, and original. It's a great goal, but the reality was less appealing. i became so worried about getting it all perfect that i ended up not finishing it. Actually, that's an exaggeration, i didn't even let myself start it because my mind kept generating unhelpful stories about how the column won't be good enough or funny enough or whatever. My mind would put me off doing anything in case it isn't everything. What if the column isn't spectacular and I don't get to be considered as great a writer as Russ Harris or Kelly Wilson? Then i might not get to be a writer and express my ideas and then I'll have to keep doing what i'm doing now and...

My brain has been so busy trying to protect me from failing that i've ended up not writing at all. and let's face it, doing nothing has got to be worse than possibly failing (especially when it's not really a competition).

so right now i'm going to thank my brain for trying to protect me from failing, let that thought be there and then go ahead and publish this post anyway.

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